Meet Internesto

We are (as) a family

We care

We care

We will carry you in our arms. We will set up, pick up, help out, hug or praise. You name it. We treat every traveler with tolerance and understanding.

We share

We share

Apart from our rooms we are happy to share useful tips and experiences. If you want, we will take you along for beer, to a concert or to visit at our grandma´s.

We dare

We dare

We know that travelling is mostly about once-in-a-lifetime experience. That´s why we keep searching how to show you Brno in different light. We dare to go one step further than others to achieve that.

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Meet the family

The people behind Internesto


Radek Danč

Every family needs somebody who shows the direction. Radek not only shows it but also makes sure that the family gets there. You will usually find him discussing new partnerships to make Internesto even more travelers friendly.

Head of the family


Ondra Přikryl

Ondra is co-creator of the idea of themed apartments and adventures. He makes sure that travelers from all around the world get to know that they can find such an unique place in our beloved Brno.

Marketing Overlord


Simi Kumpanová

If Internesto was a person, Simi would be its heart. She is usually the one who will greet you, hug you and make you smile. Simi always makes sure that your stay in Brno is nothing but awesome.

Big mom


Iren Fukarová

Do you know the type of a people who are supercreative and are OK with nothing but perfect? That is Iren. She is bringing in all her talent when designing our beautiful apartments. She is actually the reason why travelers come to Internesto.

Design angel

Contact us

Get in touch with the family

In case you are still hesitant about booking a room, something is not clear or you need our advice, get in touch. Together we will surely find resolution of even the toughest problems – from the chicken or egg question to the parking possibilities in the city centre. Our Internesto family speaks many languages and is also gifted with great imagination so we will surely find an agreement.



Kačí, Zoli, Verča, Tom
+420 605 287 127
Apartments location:
Veselá 14, Brno | Veveří 17, Brno
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