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No matter if you are a romantic trying to impress your loved one by the beauty of the Moravian metropolis, successful businessman conquering the promising Moravian market, or an adventurer heading to places where Marco Polo wouldn´t dare, we will offer you a room matching your needs. We have them all – small or large, crazy or calm, serious or playful.

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Glamorous nest

Veveří 17, Brno
from € 39

Temple of relaxation

Veveří 17, Brno
from € 44

Chamber of inspiration

Veveří 17, Brno
from € 39

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In case you are still hesitant about booking a room, something is not clear or you need our advice, get in touch. Together we will surely find resolution of even the toughest problems – from the chicken or egg question to the parking possibilities in the city centre. Our Internesto family speaks many languages and is also gifted with great imagination so we will surely find an agreement.



Simi, Luci, Johy, Anet
+420 605 287 127
Apartments location:
Veselá 14, Brno | Veveří 17, Brno
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